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What i really dislike though, is that there seems to only be 5 skill slots when there are sooo many skills in the game. There should really be a 2nd tab for an additional 5 slots, switching between them in battle like the original. still really fun regardless. Just wish the developers created Dragon Nest TWO, and not Dragon Nest M. Other then that would definitely tell others to play this. Please Fix This Either Change It To That Every Character Can Dash Or Change It To That No One Can Dash.

Hi dear community, there is a bug for iphone 6. The game always freezing and restarting. Please fix that problem. There are many people using Iphone 6. And they have that problem like me.

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Amazing game if not for it being unplayable trash. I am not saying it is bad, it is literally unplayable. if it works.. Then never receiving my gear bs this needs to be fixed immediately. This game is very addicting but the only problem with the new update is when I play the archer my game crashes over and over again I be in the middle of a battle and the game logs out and it goes to my home screen.

It happens everyday and I want to know why hopefully it gets fixed a lot of other people games are crashing as well. I still love the game but this is annoying.

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This game is cool and all but after the silver hunter update my game has been crashing me out every single time I play. It would let me login to my character but then crashes me out after a couple of minutes into the game. Please check this problem! My device is iphone5s, ios I come from VietNam. What happened to the costumes? I played this game before a while ago, and back then there was, quite early on, a way to gather materials to craft costumes with. It was a bit of a grind, but it was a way to get costumes without having to spend real money or glory points.

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  4. Now, though, such a function does not exist. I find the removal of this capability extremely disappointing, and i hope it is brought back in the next patch. No support. Had to download bluestack in order to play because customer service never responded to my request. Not fun at all. I am having trouble even getting on the game but that is sometimes.

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    Most if the time it is really fun and other times it just makes me mad. I used to play the pc version back in the day. This version is far below expectations. Gameplay is terrible. Characters are difficult to maneuver. In the tournament play, game keeps lagging and you get hit for no reason.

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    You need to wait to level up and continue with the main story. Also, not that many people play this game, so cross server events are pointless. Classes are extremely unbalanced and warriors are the lowest tiers in pvp. This game is basically a scam. Tinkerer compared to all other characters destroys everything else The PvP in this game is fun, but this one class ruins it. All of their skills are on ridiculously low count down, and they do too much damage.

    They have berserker claws which is practically impossible to cancel and will screw up your combo. Also has ridiculous low cooldown. Soul gate with ridiculous low countdown and gives DS a perfect opportunity to combo. Hands of vengeance, which is probably the best engage skill in the game. Wide range, and it drags you in and knocks you up in the air. And by the time that skill is done all of their other skills will probably be off cooldown. NERF THIS CLASS!!! This game is very faithful to the original content of pc.

    It feels good to move around the maps and areas. I filed 2 complaints for top-up reasons, provided screenshots and still nothing. Be careful.

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    The game is awesome, love the graphics, details and the story behind it. However, all the classes are not fairly done. The class that dominant the game is either dancers and warriors some are cleric, assassin and tinkerer but never a sorceress. What a shame. I thought it was just me and how I build my character which mostly games are. But with and the game graded an A in the game still not the same with other players with the same level but different class than I am. I am just very disappointed by how the developers made sorceress a low level class compare to the rest of it. Its seems as though the developers truly hate the sorceress but had to put one in the game for the sake of it.

    However, I truly hope that one day. The developers will finally realize to get this unbalance in the game.

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    Because I would rather quit than changed my class. This was a great game to kill time but the customer service has not been helpful in addressing issues that players face. These issues range from aim bug to glitches. This is a big let down and thus I would not recommend playing the game.


    Was super excited when I saw there was a pack that had hair dye for DNP. I saved up all day and finally had enough to purchase it. And that you had to purchase a hair style for diamonds, which are only obtainable by spending real money. Please sell a hair style that you can get without spending real money or allow us to change default hair color.